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To complete our mission of strengthing our students spiritually, intellectually, and socially, we are dedicated to bringing Catholic education to families regardless of financial ability. While the investment in an education at Lansing Catholic High School is one that never loses value, we take a cost-to-educate approach to tuition by projecting the actual cost to educate each student. LCHS offers need-based financial assistance through the third-party FACTS Grant & Application. All admissions decisions are made separately from financial aid determinations. 

The Lansing Catholic High School community forms students spiritually, intellectually, and socially into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Tuition 2022-23 School Year

Cost to Educate $12,350
 - LCHS Gap Grant - $2,550
 Total Tuition $9,800

The LCHS Gap Grant covers the difference between the cost to educate and the actual tuition charged. Every family has the option to accept the Gap Grant or donate it back for a tax deduction.

Other Costs and Fees:

  • Application fee:  $30 (new students only) ($125 application fee for International students who require an I-20 Visa)
  • Enrollment fee:  $125 before March 1, $175 March 1-31, or  $225 after April 1
  • Activities fee:  $250 (covers cost of yearbook, athletic pass, dance admissions, play and concert admissions, and a parking pass)
  • Technology fee:  $50 (covers school-issued Chromebook and insurance, and other LCHS technology)
  • Books: $200 per year (estimate)
  • Uniforms: $200 per year (estimate)

Tuition Plans

Tuition may be paid in one of four ways:

  • Payment in full
  • Semester payments
  • Quarterly payments
  • Monthly payments over 11 months (a one-time $50 payment fee applies)

You will select a payment plan during the online enrollment process. The Activities fee of $250 and Technology fee of $50 will be added to your online tuition plan for each student attending. Your next school year's tuition plans are uploaded into your online tuition accounts by May 31 and will include any parish subsidies, tuition discounts, TRIP credits, and financial aid. Your first tuition payment is due either July 15 or July 30 depending on which tuition due date you selected during the online enrollment process. You may begin to pay on your next school year's tuition plan starting June 1.

Tuition Discounts and Financial Assistance

Catholic Parish Subsidy

If you indicated in your online enrollment packet that you would be receiving a tuition subsidy from your Catholic parish, your tuition plan will be based on that information. In order to receive that subsidy for the school year, you must contact your parish office for approval. The average parish student discount is $650. Please be aware of your parish’s procedures for handling subsidy requests.

All parish subsidy approvals are due to LCHS's tuition office by June 1 each school year.

Multiple Student Discount

A discount is available for families with multiple students in attendance at LCHS.

  • 2nd Student attending receives $1000 discount
  • 3rd Students attending receives FREE Tuition
TRIP (Scrip) Program

Families may also participate in our TRIP/SCRIP Program in which families can earn dollars toward tuition by purchasing gift cards earning a % back to be applied to tuition. The average TRIP savings is between $200 and $500 per year.

Additional Financial Assistance from LCHS & the Diocese of Lansing

25% of LCHS families receive financial assistance with an average grant of $3,400. All tuition assistance is based on financial need. Families must apply through FACTS by March 1st each year to be eligible for financial assistance grants from the Diocese of Lansing and Lansing Catholic High School.

Families who have not yet made the decision to attend LCHS are encouraged to complete the Financial Aid Application in FACTS so as not to miss the opportunity to receive financial assistance. (This is not the same as the application for admission.)

529 Plans

As of 2018, families can use their 529 savings plans to pay for private K-12 education without penalty. Contact your 529 plan advisor for details.

Educational Loans

LCHS has collaborated with Gabriels Community Credit Union to reduce your monthly payments. They have created a private school loan specifically for Lansing Catholic High School families. They offer low monthly payments with an affordable interest rate. This will allow you to spread your tuition payments over 12 months. Please contact Gabriels Community Credit Union for more information: 517-484-0601.

Catholic Educational Saving Accounts

LCHS has collaborated with Gabriels Community Credit Union to create special saving accounts for young Catholic families planning ahead to send their students to Lansing Catholic High School. Please contact Gabriels Community Credit Union for more information: 517-484-0601.

Visit our Financial Assistance page for more information about the FACTS Grant & Aid Application.

For any other questions, please contact Renee Fischman in our Tuition Office.